Brunch ( 10.30 - 12.00)


Fried egg, sausage & bacon, Greek youghurt w/müsli & fruitpuree, smoked ham, homemade chickensalad, american pancake with blueberry & honey, todays cheece. Bread, coffee/tea and Juice.

kr. 169,-

Lunch Dishes

Fish Plate

Marinated herring w/curry salad, homemade fish cake w/cranberriejam and fish fillet w/remoulade and rye bread.

kr. 169,-

Fish Cakes

Homemade fishcakes w/ cranberriejam, remoulade and rye bread.

kr. 149,-

Stirred Tatar of beef

Stirred tatar of beef with salads, pickled tomato, mustard/honey vinaigrette. Served French fries and aioli.

kr. 179-


Ham from Skagen, beersausage, salt almonds, olives, pork skin dusted with tomato/vinegar powder, salted cheece, pesto and bread.

kr. 159,-

Brewer Burger

200 g. minced beef on baked bun w/chilli mayo, bacon, onion, Salad and tomato. Served with french fries & ailoi.

kr. 165,-


Fried minced beef on bread w/ beetroot, onion, horseradish, capers, And past. egg. (Meat is fried medium)

kr. 165,-

Carpaccio (salad)

Carpaccio w/baked beetroot, crudite’ of carrot, parmesan, salad, crouton and Vinaigrette.

kr. 139,-

Bulgur Salad (Vegetarian)

Bulgur Salad stirred with herbs, oliveolie, salad, homemade falafel w/cilantro, parsley, garlic and creme fraiche dressing.

kr. 149,-


Nachos with chicken, guacamole, salsa, jalapenos and crème fraiche.

kr. 109,-


Served only to children under age 12.

Fish Filet w/french fries

kr. 99,-

Chicken Nuggets w/french fries

kr. 99,-

Fish Cake w/rye bread

kr. 99,-



Homemade apple cake of fresh apples, bourbon vanille and macaroons and whipped cream

kr. 59,-

"White Lady" cheese

White Lady from Arla Unika cheese on toasted bread and blame - plum compote.

kr. 59,-

Wreat Cake

Homemade wreath cake

kr. 39,-

Draft beer


Small kr. 58,- / Medium kr. 78,- / Large kr. 88,-

Ræv'Pis ,0%


Drachmann 5,0 %


Hugorm 6,0%

American Brown Ale

Golden Bock,6,0 %


Skagen Wine 8,0 %

Barley Wine

Skawskum 5,0 %

Dark lager

Væltepeter 7,5 %


Havstrøm 4,6%


Beer Sample

(5 kinds of beer)


Regular Kr.129,- / Big Kr.199,-

1 Ræv'Pis 6,0 %


2 Drachmann 5,0 %


3 Golden Bock 6,0 %


4 Havstrøm 4,6 %


5 Skagen Wine 8,0 %

Barley Wine

Bottle beer

Only 50 cl. bottles being poured

2,6 % Frokostøl

Low alcoholic beer

Skawskum 5,0%

Dark Lager

Hazy IPA 5,6 %

Hazy IPA

Blonde 6,3 %


Dark Wheat 5,0 %

Dark Wheat

Black Ale 6,0 %

Black Ale

Porter 6,9%

Porter w/Licorice

Dark Bock 6,8%


Cold softdrinks


Pepsi/Max, Kondi, Orange, Lemon, Tonic, D. water

Small kr. 45,- / Large kr. 55,-


Raspberrysoda., Elderflower-, Orange- applejuice

kr. 45,-


kr. 22,- (glass) kr. 45,- (bottle)


Pellehaut White

French wine produced of these grapes, ugni blanc, Colombard, Gros Manseng, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Folle Blanche. The wine gives a fresh wine with flavour and taste of flowers and grape fruit and sweet gooseberry.

Glass kr. 79,- / Bottle kr. 289,-

Villa Ester Marie Sauvignon

Organic, dry whitewine, flavour of black currant leaves and gooseberry.

Glass kr. 89,- / Bottle kr. 369,-

Saint- Peyre Greanche Rose´

Languedoc - fresh rose´wine with taste of strawberry, raspberry and cherry.

Glass kr. 79,- / Bottle kr. 349,-

Villa Wolf Pfalz Germany Rose´

Fantastic salmon-coloured rose´wine, very fresh and tasty. Made of Pinot Noir grapes.

Glass kr. 89,- / Bottle kr. 399,-

Pont Neuf Rouge

Good and nice red wine, with deep-red color. Medium dry

Glass kr. 79,- / Bottle kr. 289,-

Heartland Shiraz Australia

Aged on french oak, nice flavour of cherry

Glass kr. 89,- / Bottle kr. 399,-


Happy Joe Apple Rose’ Cider

kr. 69,-

Nohrlund Cocktail

You can choose between: Stormy Rum & Ginger, Gin & Mango Smash, Mojito, Jordbær på Toppen, Strawberry Daiquiri, Bramble

kr. 89,-

Brewhouse “Ølsnaps”

Clear, Lunch, apple, But 3 cl.

kr. 45,-

"Snapsefadet" - The snap dish

w/4 different kinds of "ølsnapse"

kr. 149,-


Irish coffee

w/4 cl. whisky

kr. 75,-

Coffee or hot chocolate

kr. 32,-


kr. 34,-

Cappuccino or Cafe Latte

kr. 45,-