Brunch ( 10.30 - 12.00)


Fried egg, sausage & bacon, Greek youghurt w/müsli & fruitpuree, smoked ham, homemade chickensalad, american pancake with blueberry & honey, todays cheece. Bread, coffee/tea and Juice.

kr. 169,-

Lunch Dishes

Christmas Plate

Old fashion marinated herring w/curry salad, fish fillet w/remoulade, eeg & shrimps, mediterranean saussage w/ green cabbage. Bread.& butter. Dessert: Norwegian klejne w/coffee.

kr. 239,-

Fish Cakes

Homemade fishcakes w/ cranberries, remoulade and rye bread.

kr. 149,-

Fish Tapas

Homemade Octopus rings, breaded shrimp w/chili-mayo, boiled shell shrimp w/mayonaise and Fish & Chips w/aioli. Bread and butter

Kr. 199,-

Stirred Tatar of beef

Stirred tatar of beef with salads, pickled tomato, mustard/honey vinaigrette. Served French fries and aioli.

kr. 179-


Ham from Skagen, beersausage, salt almonds, olives, pork skin dusted with tomato/vinegar powder, salted cheece, pesto and bread.

kr. 159,-

Brewer Burger

200 g. minced beef on baked bun w/chilli mayo, bacon, onion, Salad and tomato. Served with french fries & ailoi. (Meat is fried medium)

kr. 169,-


Fried minced beef on bread w/ beetroot, onion, horseradish, capers, And past. egg. (Meat is fried medium)

kr. 169,-

Carpaccio (salad)

Carpaccio w/baked beetroot, crudite’ of carrot, parmesan, salad, crouton and Vinaigrette.

kr. 139,-

Bulgur Salad (Vegetarian)

Bulgur Salad stirred with herbs, pickled onion, oliveolie, salad, homemade falafel w/cilantro, parsley, garlic and creme fraiche dressing.

kr. 149,-


Nachos with chicken, guacamole, salsa, jalapenos and crème fraiche.

kr. 129,-


Served only to children under age 12.

Fish Filet w/french fries

kr. 99,-

Chicken Nuggets w/french fries

kr. 99,-

Fish Cake w/rye bread

kr. 99,-

Children Dessert

Homamade "Mælkesnitte"

kr. 29,-


Creme Brulé

w/vanille ice

Kr. 79,-

Choux Pastry

w/pickled pear in elderflower, white chocolate cream, chocolate sauce and caramel oats

Kr. 79,-

Bounty Top

Coconut "Top" with chokolate

kr. 39,-

"White Lady" cheese

White Lady from Arla Unika cheese on toasted bread and blame - plum compote.

kr. 59,-

Sarah Bernardt

Macron with coffee-mousse and coated with chocolate

Kr. 39,-

Draft beer


Small kr. 79,- / Normal kr. 89,-

Drachmann 5,0 %


Hugorm 6,0 %

Brown Ale

Rocknisse 6,0%

Christmas Vienna

Gårdnisse 6,0 %

Christmas Ale

Skawskum 5,0 %

Dark lager

Klitnisse 6,8 %

Christmas Bock

Væltepeter 7,5 %


Heavynisse 12,0 %

Christmas Barley Wine

Beer Sample

(5 kinds of beer)


Regular Kr.129,- / Big Kr.199,-

1 Drachmann 5,0 %


2 Rocknisse 6,0 %

Christmas Vienna

3 Skawskum 5,0 %

Dark Lager

4 Hugorm 6,0 %

Brown Ale

5 Gårdnisse 6,0 %

Christmas Ale

Bottle beer

Only 50 cl. bottles being poured

Cold softdrinks


Pepsi/Max, Kondi, Orange, Lemon, Tonic, D. water

Small kr. 48,- / Large kr. 58,-


Raspberrysoda., Elderflower-, Orange- applejuice

kr. 48,-


kr. 25,- (glass) kr. 45,- (bottle)

Bottle Beer

50 cl. (bestowed into glass)

kr. 85,-

Frok. Drachmann 2,6 %

Low Alc. Beer

Aslaug 5,0 %

Wheat beer

Kvindehåndbold VM 4,8 %

Wheat Beer (World Woman Championship Handball 2023)

Siggy 4,8 %

Dark Chech Lager

Havenisse 5,0 %

Dark Wheat

Skawnisse 6,0%

Golden Bock

Gl. Skagen 6,0%


Gluten free or Alcholic free beer

Ask the waiter for type


Pellehaut White

French wine produced of these grapes, ugni blanc, Colombard, Gros Manseng, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Folle Blanche. The wine gives a fresh wine with flavour and taste of flowers and grape fruit and sweet gooseberry.

Glass kr. 79,- / Bottle kr. 289,-

Villa Ester Marie Sauvignon

Organic, dry whitewine, flavour of black currant leaves and gooseberry.

Glass kr. 89,- / Bottle kr. 369,-

Villa Wolf Pfalz Germany Rose´

Fantastic salmon-coloured rose´wine, very fresh and tasty. Made of Pinot Noir grapes.

Glass kr. 89,- / Bottle kr. 399,-

Pont Neuf Rouge

Good and nice red wine, with deep-red color. Medium dry

Glass kr. 79,- / Bottle kr. 289,-

Heartland Shiraz Australia

Aged on french oak, nice flavour of cherry

Glass kr. 89,- / Bottle kr. 399,-


Happy Joe Apple Rose’ Cider

kr. 79,-

Nohrlund Cocktail

You can choose between: Champagnebrus, Gin - Mango Smash, Mojito, Raspberry & Peach Bramble

kr. 89,-

Brewhouse “Ølsnaps”

Clear, Lunch, apple, But 3 cl.

kr. 48,-

"Snapsefadet" - The snap dish

w/4 different kinds of "ølsnapse"

kr. 179,-


Irish coffee

w/4 cl. whisky

kr. 75,-


kr. 36,-


kr. 34,-

Cappuccino or Cafe Latte

kr. 46,-

Hot Chocolate

kr. 36,-